The strategist, unconfined, acts as


Image by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan

Why Consigliere?

Weaving diverse perspectives allows the consigliere to see obstacles as opportunities and adjust the plan accordingly.


They tailor the strategy around inconvenient and underlying truths with sophistication and charm.

Target in sight, the consigliere serves as the convergence of theory and execution.


Simplifying complexities, listening carefully, thinking fast, and interjecting where necessary ensures the mark is hit.

Guarding against the missteps of straying from strategy, the consigliere constantly thinks about the centrifugal forces that'll make a campaign work.

The ability to adjust quickly in response to new information and maintain a clear view of the strategy helps make the plan bulletproof.

A consigliere also likes cannolis.


Closed Contracts


In the midst of a global pandemic, how does a newly formed non-profit targeting an obscure disease build influence with an audience who distrusts health institutions? 


After losing its way, how can American Airlines regain its pioneering spirit and rebuild trust in a time when the path forward is uncertain for everyone?

Harlem Logo.jpg

How does a neighborhood as vast and multicultural as Harlem build an iconic brand that captures its authentic spirit without alienating any of its over 100,000 residents?

How can Baileys overcome the barriers created by its nearly 50-year legacy as an indulgent holiday treat and align itself with Millennials’ everyday treating habits?


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